1. Estimate and Billing:
· Our moving services are billed hourly, and the estimate provided is not binding, meaning if the move takes less or more time then what is estimated, you are only charged for the amount of time the move takes.
· The estimate is based on the information and inventory provided by the customer.

2. Hourly Charges:
· Hourly charges commence from the time our team leaves the office to the time they return. · Any additional services requested during the move may result in the move taking more time, therefore potentially exceeding the estimated price.

3. Delays and Unforeseen Circumstances:
· We are not responsible for delays caused by unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, traffic, or any other events beyond our control.

4. Insurance and Liability:
· We are insured and bonded, the customers has the right to request a claim to damaged items within 7 days of the move.
· We are not liable for items that were previously damaged or packed incorrectly by the customer.

5. Liability Waiver:
· We reserve the right to claim a release of liability in certain situations through our liability waiver form.
· The liability waiver will be reviewed and signed by the customer before action is taken on the specific situation or item.

6. Forms of Payment:
· Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card. Please note that credit card payments are subject to a 3% surcharge.

7. Customer Responsibilities:
· Customers are responsible for providing accurate information about the move, obtaining necessary permits, and ensuring access to the premises.
· Customers should inform us of any special handling requirements for certain items.

8. Cancellation and Refunds:
· You may cancel your move at anytime before your moving date, Dudes Who Move will confirm with the customer multiple times before the move.

9. Governing Law:
· This agreement is governed by the laws of Saint Lucie County. Any disputes shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the laws of Saint Lucie County.

10. Confidentiality:
· Dudes Who Move will keep all customer information confidential and will not disclose it to third parties without consent.

11. Amendments:
· Dudes Who Move reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. Customers will be notified of any changes.

We are a local business you can depend on for quality and service.