Do the movers take breaks?
Our movers are physically fit and can go awhile before needing to take a break, most of the time our movers will inform our clients that they will take a break in between the load and unload time. You as a customer are not charged for time that the movers are taking a break.
Are there any items you cannot move?
We cannot move combustible or hazardous items such as propane tanks, gas, firearms, paint, etc. If you have a question about a specific item before your move, speak with a member of Dudes Who Move.
Do I need to empty my dressers and other drawers?
– If you have fragile items in your drawers it is recommended to be take out, however clothes within dressers are fine to be left alone as we will move the dresser as is.
How can I be helpful in preparing for the move?
The best way to help your movers is to have your belongings clean and organized as well as all walkways cleared. The more organized you are the less time moves typically take. Also, clearly labeling boxes to where you want them placed will help your movers as well.
How much should I tip?
Our movers greatly appreciate a tip if they deliver and exceed expectations. The simple answer is to tip whatever you believe their service was worth. On average, the typical tipping percentage is about 15% of your final bill.
What forms of payment do you take?
We take cash, check, or credit card. Payments made in the form of credit card have a 3% surcharge.
How do you charge for your moving services?
Local moves are estimated based on an hourly rate of how long a move is expected to take, all our local move estimates are not binding, meaning you are only charged for how long the move does take. Long distance moves have set pricing and that price does not change during or after the job.
How do you provide estimates?
For any home 3 bedrooms or more, we do in home estimates in order to provide accurate pricing based on different circumstances. For smaller moves, accurate estimates can usually be provided over the phone.
We are a local business you can depend on for quality and service.